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News: Big Stories Of The Day

After Complaints, Gates Foundation Opens Education Aid Offer to All States NYT Secretary of Education Arne Duncan recruited his chief of staff, Margot Rogers, and one of his assistant deputy secretaries, James Shelton, from the Gates ...

Federal complaint: Filipino teachers held in 'servitude' USA Today USA Today491_3c09af7fad2c793091f101d843ab4b17
More than 300 teachers have been imported to Louisiana from the Philippines since 2007, a group of educators who say collectively they paid millions ...

L.A. Unified to allow parents to initiate school reforms  LA Times
For the first time in Los Angeles, parents will be able to initiate major reforms at low-performing individual schools, rather than waiting for the school district to make changes, under a plan unveiled Tuesday.

Former NBA Coach Switches Gears At Charter School NPR
The former NBA strength coach has given up the big league to teach gym at the innovative charter school where the kids are only somewhat impressed with his NBA credentials.


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