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BLOGS: Best Blog Posts Of The Day

Shuttering dealerships or schools?  Knowledge Alliance
Is there a meaningful analogy here.

How to Spend $100 Billion to Fix Schools (Cont.) Uncle Jay Mathews
The top five ideas, ranked in the order of reader approval, were...

What does the Massachusetts Miracle teach us about teachers unions?  Mike Petrilli
A few weeks ago I was at a conference when Diane Ravitch made the point that if teachers unions are such obstacles to reform, how can we explain Massachusetts, a “strong union” state that boasts highest-in-the-country NAEP scores and dramatic gains for poor and minority kids over the past decade?

SmallTalk: We're public! No we're private!.
In an attempt to block teachers from unionizing, charter operators around the country are now claiming that they are private.

Stephen Colbert Calls Tom Brokaw His "Personal Assistant" - Caught On Tape
Tom Brokaw spoke at Fordham University's commencement in the Bronx on Saturday, where he read an underminery note from Stephen Colbert.

Michelle Obama Sets a Good Example Sara Mead
Seems like everyone these days wants to be like Michelle Obama--even a little, furry, red muppet!


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