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NEWS: Big Stories Of The Day

NYC prep school cancels classes over suspected flu AP
Classes and student activities have been canceled at a New York City private school where eight students may have come down with swine flu....

Michigan Student Aces ACT, SAT, PSAT AP
The Detroit News reported Saturday that the 17-year-old senior at southeast Michigan's Canton High School got perfect scores on the ACT — and the SAT — and the PSAT.

Obama Chides Colleges to Curb Spiraling Tuition NYT
President Obama challenged college and university officials on Friday “to put affordability front and center as they chart a path forward.

ScreenHunter_09 Apr. 10 22.12 Model school or unaffordable luxury? Salt Lake Tribune
When a student at Granite High skips class, he'll likely get a personal phone call that day from Principal Carol Harris. It's the kind of school where sluffing doesn't go unnoticed, where the custodian knows you by name, and the guidance counselor will collect money to cover your college applications.

Rancor Where Private-School Parents Make Public-School Decisions NYT (Applebome)
A school board dominated by Orthodox Jews whose children don’t attend public schools has fostered resentment in a district that is overwhelmingly Haitian, African-American and Hispanic.

Novice-Teacher Support Programs Aim to Stem Attrition Washington Post
Montgomery's mentors have more clients than in the past, while Fairfax mentors have less time to meet with theirs.

Mayoral control of schools? Not likely here Minneapolis Star Tribune
The U.S. education secretary is calling for big-city mayors to take over struggling urban school districts. Local education experts don't think it's necessary here.

At Scrabble Championship, It's All About The Q NPR
It's hip to be square this weekend at the annual National School Scrabble Competition in Providence, R.I., where middle schoolers are facing off. The team that makes the highest play using the letter Q wins a signed Shaquille O'Neal basketball jersey.


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