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BLOGS: Around Them.

Authorities Scour Schools for Swine Flu Cases USNews
No one should panic, authorities say. 

Conventional Wisdom Watch Charlie Barone
A few items came over the transom while we were away, all of which go against conventional school reform wisdom.

Ralph_eats_pasteWhat's Missing in Obama's Education Plan?  Koretz
Make it broad.  Confront score inflation. Experiment and evaluate.

Schools Need Energy More than Experience Uncle Jay Mathews
Offering more experienced teachers big bonuses to teach in the inner city is not likely to have much effect on learning.

But Mommy, Why Do I Still Get Report Cards? Jim Moulton 
It seems that certain traditions are going to be harder to put away than others.

Freire Is Foul and Foul is Freire Robert Pondiscio
Mention the name Paolo Freire at a gathering of educated people and you’re likely to get blank stares. 

Nice Homework, if You Can Get It. Nancy Flanagan
Things Teachers Relish: Quiet. Order. Denim skirts. Lounge arguments about homework.

$3 million for not-very-matic pizza Joanne Jacobs
Let’s make our own low-cost, healthy pizza, San Jose Unified officials thought in 2003.

Lazy boy that I am, I'm going to save the NAEP long-term assessment results that just came out for tomorrow.


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thanks for the great list of education blog articles. i would include blog.saintleo.com on that list. but i might be a little biased, being a saint leo graduate. :D

thanks again for the list.

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