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HOTSEAT: Detention Slip Duo Will See You Now

Anthony and Chuck are high school buddies with a long history of mocking the foibles and misdeeds of educators. As teenagers, they created a guerrilla newsletter about their school that at one point resulted in the principal threatening to sue them. 

Chuck and anthonyNow, with DetentionSlip.org, they’ve got one of the fastest-growing (and disreputable) education blogs out there, recently named one of the top 25 blogs in the world by TIME magazine. 

They’ve still got day jobs – Anthony in New York, Chuck in Florida – but for how much longer it’s not clear.  They’re friends with the folks at CollegeHumor, and are soon going to be rolling out some ideas for creating school-level versions of Detention Slip in 2009.  (Be afraid, teachers and administrators.  Be very afraid.)

Some people love their irreverent, politically incorrect take on education.  Others find their relentless focus on failure to be destructive (or worse).  You like 'em, or you hate 'em.  (I won’t surprise many by saying  that, in moderation,I tend to like the site.)

Click below to read the interview.

How did your blog get so big so fast?

Anthony: We spent a lot of time going to random education blogs commenting on their stories and posting random links. Pissing people off, basically. It was a bit of serendipity, some strategic plays on our part, and the content is killer.


What’s been your biggest post so far?

Chuck: The story that has the most comments is the one about the Texas school district that allowed teachers to carry weapons. “Most read” would probably be an article from about a year ago about a cop who did a speech at school and showed some questionable pictures from MySpace to demonstrate how girls can be seen and tracked by predators. We have a surprisingly large number of people that stumble across our site doing internet searches for nude teenagers.

What have the reactions been from your parents?

Anthony: My dad, Ken, is the dean of school of ed at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. He loves us. He hands out printouts of our stuff to deans and chancellors and talks about us at staff meetings.

Does the blog help you get dates?

Anthony: My girlfriend thought it was pretty awesome. The night the news about TIME came out she said “I’ve never had sex with one of the ‘world’s best bloggers.’”

Chuck: I am currently dating a teacher, and I just cross my fingers she never messes up and becomes a story on the site.

What are some of your favorite blogs to read?

Anthony: I like the Drudge Report. I’ve been emailing him every day asking him to list DetentionSlip.org on his homepage, and because any stories on Drudge we like to spam the comments so as to get some traffic. I’ve also hung out with Perez Hilton; he is an amazing business person and very sweet.

What’s your response to the criticism that Detention Slip is sensationalistic?

Chuck: We just want the public to know there are some serious problems facing our schools.

What is your plan for world domination?

Anthony: We’ve got some plans to develop individual high school pages. We’re going to be doing a lot of expanding the content we have, creating opportunities for students and teachers to interact with us in a fairly anonymous way -- to encourage tips, and insider gossip.

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These guys rock.

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