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FUTURE: "Education Today and Tomorrow"

Here's a video that a couple of people have sent to me -- thanks!  It's meant to be mind-expanding, and maybe a little frightening, even though it's already somewhat dated.  

Whether in the case of 2 Million Minutes or this or STEM or Flat World stuff in general, my usual thought is that we shouldn't take our eyes off the basic prize:  literacy and numeracy and some basic content knowledge for as many kids as possible. 

Technology doesn't change that.  Demographics don't change that. But maybe I'm missing something. 


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I agree with your "eyes on the prize" assessment. I would only add the skills of critical thinking. Those are the skills that are becoming more important for our ever-changing world.


Other non-technological skills:
*The component skills of designing, carrying out, and evaluating a complex project
*Skill in being able to do projects of this kind in collaboration with others.

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