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BLOGS: Best Blog Posts Of The Day

Sidebyside4Comparing the House and Senate Stimulus Bills EdPolicy Watch
While each version provides similar funding for most programs, the House passed version includes funding for a number of smaller initiatives that the Senate bill does not. (See chart at right.)

Restricted Funds Grow While Unrestricted Funds Shrink TQATE
Likely districts will have to lay off hordes of teachers that are supported with unrestricted funds at the same time that they hire teachers for special education and Title I activities.

Incentive Grants May Be Used to Reward Rigor Politics K12
Arne Duncan, the brand-new Secretary of Education, said today that he would consider using $15 billion in proposed federal incentive grants to reward states for setting more "rigorous" standards.

Going head-to-head with Arne Duncan Fordham
Arne calls it “an extraordinary opportunity.” Mike says it’s “redefining the federal role” in education.

Gates Foundation still has a lot to learn about education KDR
Never trust what anyone who in education tells you.

Steelers > School Thoughts On Ed Policy
More ridiculousness involving football and education.

Obama Effect on Education Will Be a Mirage Without Real Change Richard Whitmire
The Obama education halo could tarnish early. And if that happens, the letdown will be a lot less fun than the buildup.

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