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2009_0105_obamasThe Obama Family Gets Ready for the First Day of School DCist
The Obama Transition Office released a few photos of the Obama family getting ready for the girls' first day at school in D.C. this morning.

The "reformers" panicked at one point because Darling-Hammond, who had served as Obama's proxy in several education policy debates, was named to head the ...

ICEF Comes Up Roses Eduwonk
The Rose Bowl already looks like the most interesting match-up of the day tomorrow, but here’s one more reason to watch it:  LA charter school network ICEF will be featured at halftime. 

Schoolhouse to jailhouse Mike Klonsky
I'm hoping that the new administration (yes, with Duncan as its educational leader) will see the light on this and help put an end to these barbaric school district policies, policies which were encouraged and institutionalized under the Bush administration.

The Latest Doomed Pedagogical Fad: 21st-Century Skills Jay Mathews
Today on this page, we are ushering in the new year with the hottest trend in pedagogy, the latest program teachers are told they cannot live without. It is called 21st-century skills. Education policymakers, press agents and pundits can't get enough of it.

More schools getting in tune with mariachi AP
Jose Perez often butted heads with his grandfather, who emigrated from Mexico years ago and feared his American-born grandson didn't appreciate the sacrifices his family made. Then the teenager started playing the music of the elder's homeland....


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