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OPRAH: School Scandal Drops From Headlines

Imgmgoprahschool9_151645563513 On November 5 [2007], Oprah Winfrey appeared live via satellite on a 10-foot television screen at a South African hotel. She told journalists she had been “shaken to the core,” and called the Makopo incident “one of the most devastating—if not the most devastating—experience of my entire life.”

But among South Africans, the “Oprah school scandal” has been greeted with a shrug. It’s not that the public is averse to tabloid news. It’s just that the charges against Makopo have been swallowed by the horrific headlines we read every day.

The Oprah School on Trial

[that's Makopo, the accused schoomistress]


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That is horrible! I had no idea that this was going on. I hate how our world is today and we have teachers in our classrooms like this. I wish there was some way to prevent this. Just think of all the teachers in schools now who are getting away with this. It just sickens me.

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