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SOFT: US Kids Fight Less Than Belgians (But Win More Often?)

Fightb Can't a country catch a break?  Apparently not.

A new study from the World Health Organization finds that -- no surprise -- boys fight more than girls, and that -- real surprise -- American kids fight much less than their counterparts in other countries.

The US ranks 17th out of 18 countries when it comes to elementary-school fisticuffs, trailing far behind French-speaking Belgians. (Via Kempt)


Perhaps, unlike in other international comparisons, the US would fare better if this were a comparison of older students. Maybe our 15 year-olds could trounce the other countries...in a contest of how often they fight. 

Note also that there's no data on who won these fights.  I'm guessing that the US kids were in less fights but won more of them than the kids from other countries.  Probably kicking ass on those Belgian kids.


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I'd posit that most American kids are in America, and so they fight with other Americans; so the win rate should be about 50%, just like everywhere else.

yeah, thanks -- i was being absurd. but that's hard to convey in a blog.

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