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What Ed Blogs Need: Eye Candy, Relationship Drama

You may already know this, but I finally figured out what education blogs need to compete with technology, political, and other kinds of blogs:

Ana_marie_coxWe need some high-profile sex objects (male or female) like some other blog sectors have (Hot Female Bloggers). I'm guessing that Eduwonkette has her share of fanboys out there, but as of yet there's no Ana Marie Cox (pictured) or Anderson Cooper (not a blogger, I know). 

We also need hookups, flirtations, or a failed romance or two among education bloggers -- like they have in other kinds of blogs (How Xeni and Violet's Boing Boing affair went sour). Nothing boosts readership like drama. 

How do we get there?  Well, if there's ever another education bloggers summit, they'll have to feature more drinking games.  Or maybe there's already some inter-blog romance going on that I don't know about. 

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My blog doesn't have romance, but it does have drama!


Annual Ed Bloggers Summit?

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