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What Do You Think? First Ever Reader Survey

Debate_resized Wednesday Update:  Thanks to everyone who's done the survey -- especially those who are writing in their own answers! Two days in, the leaders include Eduwonkette, budget cuts, Jay Mathews, and the Ed Sector.  But the races are still close. Click Here to take survey


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The survey won't accept an "other" answer, and won't continue, either.

fixed -- i think.

so far, the most HATED feature of this site is the pop culture / current events stuff, along with the goofy pictures, and uncle jay mathews is in the lead for favorite education writer.

wish i could post the live results --argh.

eduwonkette has a narrow lead for favorite blog

you guys really hate the pictures -- who knew?

This survey is currently closed. Please contact the author of this survey for further assistance.

thanks -- should be fixed now.
sorry about that.

Hey Russo,
You're so obsessed with "hotties" all the time, when I read this article about Sarah Palin, I thought of you.


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