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This NYT teacher blogger thinks accountability is overly "individualistic": Totems of Respect

Kevin Carey wants to know why universities can't measure their value added like everyone else: Candor.

The_culpritsEveryone's understandably worried about losing Elizabeth Green from the NY Sun (Say It Ain't So Elizabeth) but word is she'll be staying on the education beat in a new spot to be announced soon. 

What Linda Darling Hammond really thinks of TFA, according to S. Dorn: On Wendy Kopp, TFA, and Linda Darling-Hammond.

Debbie Meier has familiar questions about the Harlem Children's Zone school: The Promises That Count.

Eduwonkette warns against bad growth models: Looking Back, Looking Forward .

Pondisco with another accountability rigging scheme uncovered -- "recounting": What’s Yours Is Mine.

PS:  Apologies to those writers and think tanks left off the reader survey -- I was sleep deprived or drunk, I don't remember which.  Be assured that you can write in anyone you want -- and folks are doing so. 


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