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Big Stories Of The Day

Fuel prices force schools to weigh class, staff cuts USA Today
Fuel and energy costs are rising so quickly for the USA's public school districts that nearly one in seven is considering cutting...

California school districts ending or reducing bus service for students LA Times
The high cost of fuel and budget shortfalls are being blamed. But some fear that forcing more students to walk or drive to school will cause safety problems.

FistbumpaxlargeMcCain, Obama Offer Differing Education Plans NPR
Democrat Barack Obama is proposing a comprehensive, even invasive program that would reach from

Denver Merit-Pay Plan Embroiled in Conflict EdWeek
The collaborative spirit between school district and teachers’ union that made the compensation system a national model is now in jeopardy, with officials engaged in a protracted battle over proposed changes.

Saving Young Men With Career Academies Washington Post (Jay Mathews)
By usual measures of student progress, America's high school career academies have been a failure.

Congress Lays Ground for 2009 TIME
But regardless, at least two measures are sure to see votes: the children's health program and No Child Left Behind.


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