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Get Thee Some Graduate Students! Erin Dillon
There just isn't much good research out there showing student achievement benefits from integration policies, whether they’re based on race or economic status.

Angelinablood072408LinkEd Eduwonk
LinkEd, education’s social and professional networking project, has launched a new version of their website, check it out.

Teachers and Obama II DFER
Below represents the achievement of 2 meetings, 7 hours of insightful and cooperative conversation, numerous emails, ambitious editing, new friendships with people who care about education, and the beginning of a group that will continue past the DNC...

Obama/McCain Advisers Debate Again, Some More EdWeek
The best moment of the forum (for me at least) came courtesy of James Kohlmoos, the president of Knowledge Alliance. He asked Schnur and Keegan to fast-forward to 2012 and assume their candidate were running for re-election. What would the candidates tout as their greatest education accomplishment of their first term?

Incentives for education ASBJ
If large, global corporations with impressive R & D operations are willing to look outside its lab walls for help couldn’t public schools do that, too?

And in this corner... Flypaper
The slugfest between Checker, Diane Ravitch, and Randi Weingarten that ran in yesterday’s Gadfly is the subject of an item in today’s New York Sun.


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