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Offspring Of The Famous, Dynasties In The Making

F86cdc3ad7371bbfd188f140a16c2575202 It must be strange and interesting to be the son or daughter of a well-known education figure who also works in education.  So far, I've met Andrew Gardner (son of Howard), who teaches in Manhattan, and Josh  AEdelman (son of Marian), who runs the new schools office in Chicago.  I've emailed with Brooke Haycock,  Kati Haycock's daughter, who (at one point) worked at the Ed Trust putting out their weekly email, among other things.  I've seen the name of someone named Payzant who I assume must be related to the former Boston public schools chief.  I think I met Daniel Schorr's son Jonathan at NSVF last week.  (Not an education guy, but it's all I've got.) The now-married Jenna Bush is apparently back teaching at Elsie Whitlow Stokes Community Freedom Public Charter School in DC.

Are there any other offspring of famous educationistas who work in education?

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Mark Yudof http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_Yudof

and his daughter Samara Yudof, US Department of Education spokesperson

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