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Party Pics From The Past Two Weeks

Chicago_mafia_nsvfA combination of my own pics and those from others, below are some snapshots from the EDINO8 and NSVF conferences in DC this week and last.  Check it out -- you might be in there.

EdWeek's Michele McNeil tells the big boys what's what (and then goes on vacation):

Bloggers Ash, Brown, and Betlach blog from the front lines:


Russo at the podium, seeming a little bit drunk as usual:


Richard Whitmire, surrounded by EDIN08 (they're everywhere):


Fordham's Colby Loup, a sometimes Checker Finn impersonator:
Chicago teacher and NYT blogger Will Okun and me (er, myself, or, moi):

Dscn0730 The Chicago mafia (Richmond, Adelman, Lach, Mahaley Johnson):
Chicago_mafia_nsvfThe brain trust (Schwartz, Olson, and Hill):


The NYTs' Sam Dillon hard at work:

Andywonk on the monitor:Dscn0734

The lovely ladies of LinkEducation.org (Rachel, left, and Anna, right): Lovely_ladies_of_linked


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Did you take these pictures? You need a better camera, dude. How about an iPhone?

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