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Lunch Break (Around The Blogs)

Kudersurveylarge052908 Kuder Occupational Interest Survey Jezebel
Did anyone else have to take these, and if so, did the results gibe with what you later "became"?

ED in '08: From Nonpartisan to Bipartisan? Michele McNeil
How nonpartisan can an organization be when its leader and chief spokesman is so partisan? [I think I've posted about this twice before.]

Yes, they are! No, they aren’t! Firefly
Boys are being left behind, the Economist tells us.

Culture, Gender, and Math 'Kette
These findings serve as a potent reminder that the gender gap in math achievement is not driven by nature alone.

Rhee-Visiting the District of Columbia Public Schools (III) edbizbuzz
The history of business turnarounds shows there are limits to what can be gained from downsizing and reorganizing the system - improvements in productivity are necessary.

Energy drinks and teens ASBJ Blog
In March, four Florida middle school students were rushed to the ER after drinking an energy drink and experiencing sweating and heart palpitations.


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