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The New Republic Talks Education

More stuff you can get here first (or better):  Video of a recent discussion about education at the offices of The New Republic: 

Click here if the video doesn't load: 



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This is an excellent video because they describe in a single forum lots of the ideas that being discussed currently. However, I am disappointed that they are still using the phrase "high expectations" instead of something more honest like "high standards" or "effective consequences." In fact, emphasizing the phrase "high expectations" is dangerous because it implies that change comes from changing people's thinking, rather than changing their behavior.

Klein makes an interesting comment about closing schools. He says that students from closed schools are labeled, and schools that accept them get extra dollars from the district. That means that students from closed schools to the front of the line in some sense. This seems to be a very different system than Chicago's, where students who lose their neighborhood school sometimes are sent to very nondesirable schools.

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