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US News examines the issue of education and the campaign EWA
They're like the kid in the back of the classroom with his hand raised, whom the teacher never gets to call on because the other students are shouting for attention.

Senate Appropriations Chairman for Obama EdWeek
Sen. Robert C. Byrd of West Virginia endorsed Democratic presidential contender Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois today.

Gender Bender: The AAUW's New Report on Gender Equity The 'Kette
The real trend story, though, is not about test scores, but about how girls have overtaken boys in college completion.

 Teacher Support for Differentiated Pay Ed Policy Watch
But it's simply not true that teachers monolithically oppose all types of differentiated pay.

The May 19 Communique' Is Up! EIA
NEA and AFT: Different in Difference

Consider the Snark Kevin Carey
Snark is at best a means of making a point and amusing your audience simultaneously, at worst a particularly belittling and divisive kind of discourse.


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