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Around The Blogs In 30 Seconds:

McCain Hones Education Message Charlie
Essence Magazine publishes an exclusive interview with John McCain today in which he seems to be road testing an education message for the general election - emphasizing educational inequities and achievement gaps (who said John Edwards’ "Two Americas" theme didn’t have an impact?).

Free Trade And Education Andywonk
One thing that seems pretty clear is that the increasing churn in school systems is going to cause some displacement much in the way that globalization is causing displacement in other industries.

 Scientology School? Core Knowledge
Nary a word about it in the domestic press, but overseas papers and gossip sites are thick with stories about Will Smith–yes, that Will Smith–who is reportedly bankrolling a new California Pre-K to 6 school, The New Village Academy of Calabasas.

Rhee, the Monster if DC: Soon to Follow, the UFT Ed Notes Online
Washington D.C. schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee, who spends a hell of a lot of time racing around from ed conference to ed conference pushing the national regressive...

Teacher Suspended After Fight With Student Detention Slip
I can think of a lot of good reasons to fight with a student...


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