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Times Might Be Phasing Out Education Page, Column

Images3 Rumor has it that the New York Times is eliminating both its weekly education page and its weekly education column, currently written by Sam Freedman.  No confirmation yet, and there's a column in today's paper, but we'll see.   (BTW, it turns out that there isn't going to be a standalone education blog at the Times, but rather occasional contributions from metro beat folks like Jenny Medina, who I saw recently at a panel event.)

UPDATE:  The education page and weekly column are the victim of budget cuts, I'm told.  However, Sam Freedman will still write his column, which comes out every other week. 


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Freedman's exposes must have seeped under someone's skin. Wonder who?
The Times will be replacing the weekly education page with free space for Bloomberg and Klein's Children Last program. Heck! They've been doing that anyway.

What I meant to say was that Freedman has been doing his column from Timbuktu - probably being told to cover anything but NYC schools.

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