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Spellings: "States Will Game The System As Best They Can..."

Let's start with a Washington Post editorial on NCBL (No Reform Left Behind) praising the law's new flexibility -- within limits: "It's important, though, that any new rules not compromise the core principles of a law that has done much to address inequities in educational opportunity." Indeed. 

Then there's a typically soft interview with EdSec Spellings in Newsweek (hat tip to the Core Knowledge Blog) called ‘Things Can’t Go Back’.  Even in defeat, even with a giant mess on her hands, Spellings gets sympathetic press.  The other cabinet members must hate her for that.  There is juicy state-bashing good quote, though, where Spellings laments the future of NCLB:  "The loopholes will get larger...States will game the system as best they can in order to get out of doing what they should do to close the achievement gap."


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