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More is worse for NCLB BoardBuzz
When it comes to NCLB, more is not better. Education Secretary Margaret Spellings' proposed NCLB rules yesterday add many new requirements for states, school districts and schools, but make no improvement to the law's accountability structure, which has been a central flaw that identifies so many schools as failing.

NCLB Regulatory Action Eduwonk
Anyway, the package, which is now open for public comment before a final regulation is issued, is basically the sum of ideas she's discussed this year. Key takeaways:

Who's to Blame for Lack of NCLB Action? The Hoff
The leaders of the House Education and Labor Committee agree that their attempt to reauthorize NCLB is at a standstill. But they disagree about who is to blame for that.

The Carnival Of Education: Week 168 Education Wonks
Welcome to the midway of the 168th edition of The Carnival of Education!

Challenge to NCLB Teacher Rules Heads to Court Mark Walsh
A lawsuit challenging the U.S. Department of Education's regulations on highly qualified teachers under the No Child Left Behind Act goes before a federal district judge in San Francisco on Wednesday.

Kids on the range Joanne Jacobs
In response to helicopter parenting, New York Sun columnist Lenore Skenazy has started Free Range Kids for parents who think their children should be able to bike to the library, walk to school and ride a bus.

Police arrest city teacher in bank robberies Detention Slip
For some reason when I read this article I pictured the story in black and white. I heard the teacher was also moonlighting as a rum runner.


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