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Best Bloggers: My List Is Better Than Jay's List

Here are nine fierce education blogs and bloggers that Uncle Jay and TeacherKen missed because they're fuddy-duddies or don't get out on the Internet much:   First off, it should be pointed out that TeacherKen himself writes about education all the time -- and has many readers and commenters that the rest of us lack.  I'd note the arrival of Charlie Barone, who blogs at Swift & Changeable.  He's smart, funny, passionate, and knows what he's talking about.   Not to be forgotten is Kevin Carey at The Quick and the Ed, who has easily eclipsed his blogfather Eduwonk for the last year or two. Don't forget the Education Wonks, whose long-running Carnival of Education collects great blog posts from around the edusphere every week.  I'd also include Kevin Drum at Political Animal and Dana Goldstein at TAPPED, whose interests include education policy, the New York Times blogger Will Okun, who writes thoughtfully from his Chicago classroom and reaches a giant audience, and Philissa Cramer at Insideschools.org, whose NYC website includes objective information about schools as well as opinions and analysis.    Joe Williams at DFER is also very good, though too busy right now raising cash to post as much as usual.  What about number ten?  Word has it that there's soon going to be a new blog coming online, written by a sharp up-and-comer on the education front. I could be wrong, but it could be the big new education blog of 2008.  Eduwonkette is so 2007.


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