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My Ragged AERA Schedule Needs Your Help

4406de0c6c90a003ab799fbbcd6fcaaed87 I'll be up to my usual shenanigans at AERA this week and hope to run into some of you there.  But I have no real idea what to go to that might be media- or policy- and politics- related.  My rough and ragged itinerary so far is posted below.  Can you help me out?  I promise not to take the last seat.

My planned itinerary so far -- thanks for any additional suggestions -- includes:

Tues 12:25-1:55: New York City’s New Model of Accountability: From Inside the Box (Jennifer Goldstein, Dorothy Shipps, Helen Scharff, Judith Kafka, Bruce Fuller)

Tuesday 2:15 The Media and Higher Education:  Toward Better Communication (Jaschik, Drummond, Marklein, Selingo).  Sheraton New York Hotel & Towers, Riverside Suite, 3rd Floor 4:05-5:35 Organization and Effectiveness of High Intensity Induction Programs for New Teachers. (Tom Smith, Laura Desimone, Daniel Humphrey, Cynthia Carver, Julie Luft, Pamela Grossman, Steven Glazerman, Andrew Porter). 

OR: Making a Difference in Policy & Practice: Communication, Education Research, and Civic Responsibility (Fuhrman, Molnar, Ravitch) Sheraton New York Hotel      & Towers/ New York Ballroom East, 3rd Floor

6:00  Nick Lemann: Finding a Wider Audience for Education Research: What Journalists Can (and Can't) Do To Help Waldorf Astoria ~ 301 Park Avenue

Wed 2:15-3:45: The Changing Nature of Suburbia and What it Means for Public Education: Rethinking Stereotypes of “Urban” and “Suburban” Spaces and Schools (John Logan, Sean Reardon, Amy Stuart Wells) 

OR:  2:15: Improving Research Use: Evidence-Based Strategies and New Media Opportunities (Colvin, Willensky, Glass, Baker). Marriott Marquis Times Square Wilder Room, 4th Floor

Thurs 1030:  Ed Research & Online Media (Colvin, Medina, Rotherham, and me).  Sheraton New York Hotel & Towers/Lenox Ballroom, 2nd Floor

Thu, Mar 27 - 2:15pm - 3:45pm: Think Tanks and Educational Research: Beginning a Dialogue Scheduled Time: Building/Room: Hilton New York / Sutton Complex, Regent Parlor, 2nd Floor. 2:15-3:45:Russ Whitehurst - Seven Things I've Learned About Education Research and Policy, Plus or Minus Two

4:05- 5:35: Good Teachers: Who Are They? Where Are They? When Do They Stay and Move? (Jane Hannaway, Dan Goldhaber, Michael Podgursky, Helen Ladd, Tim Sass, Hamp Lankford, Rick Hanushek, Jim Wyckoff)


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