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Big [UN Conspiracy] Stories Of The Day

Virtual teachers outperform real thing MSNBC
Virtual characters and digital tutors are helping children and adults develop advanced social and language skills that can be tough to learn via conventional approaches, according to researchers who briefed reporters here last week at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

BingoUtah lawmakers, fearing UN conspiracy, kill funds for IB program Salt Lake Tribune
Lawmakers decided against helping Utah schools pay for International Baccalaureate (IB) programs after one legislator called IB's philosophy "anti-American" today.

SAT sues test-prep company over 'live' questions CNN.com
The owner of the SAT and PSAT exams sued a Dallas-area test-preparation company Wednesday, accusing it of illegally obtaining copies of "live" test questions that it then used to help students practice.

Much of Recalled Meat Sent To Schools Washington Post
More than a third of the 143 million pounds of California beef recalled this week went to school lunch programs, with at least 20 million pounds consumed, Agriculture Department officials said Thursday.

Stable Prekindergarten Funding Proves Challenging for States EdWeek
State policymakers are still scrounging for more money for pre-K programs despite a pre-K spending growth of $1 billion over the past two years.


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