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Big Stories Of The Day

604169fee5ab702e99d863566eadc02c51c What Makes Finnish Kids So Smart? Wall Street Journal
The academic prowess of Finland's students has lured educators to learn the country's secret. What they find is simple but not easy: well-trained teachers and responsible children.

NCLB's Prospects Dim for '08, McKeon Says EdWeek
McKeon and Miller have not met in months, says McKeon, who finds it hard to imagine how the Senate education committee will be able to make progress either.

Diploma standards to remain Detroit Free Press
State Superintendent Mike Flanagan told a panel of lawmakers Thursday that he saw no reason to water down the state's tough new graduation requirements yet, despite complaints from some parents and educators. PLUS:  Looters Haunt Idle Detroit Public Schools Sites

Teacher-Pay Model Not Seen as Promising at Secondary Level EdWeek
A leading model for professionalizing teaching and changing the way teachers are paid shows mixed capacity for raising student test scores, a study concludes.


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