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Best Of The Blogs Today

Teacher JM Holland has a list of Great Blogs Around the Country -- mostly teacher-written blogs, some of which were new to me. 

Speaking of teacher blogs, Will Okun has another intimate look at his students and their lives (“Afternoons with Worsom”). 

Back to politics, Gerry Bracey for one doesn't much like the fear-mongering and test-based hype coming from EDINO8 (The Inmates Who Want to Run the Asylum).

435_rcbugsEdWeek's ELL blog looks at a recent report about illegal kids in schools (The Cost of Educating Undocumented Students). 

TQATE digs into last week's ETS report and finds that not ALL teachers are better academically than their predecessors (A More Selective Pool of Teachers).

In These Times has a post on the ASVAB test that some schoolkids still have to take (The Militarys Stealth Test).

Statline has a post about international comparisons (Time to think global in testing).

Sam Freedman looks at the contradictions in how schools are rated in NYC and elsewhere (How a Middle School Can Be ‘Dangerous’ and Still Get an A).


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