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BoardBuzz starts us off with the heart-warming school story of the year:  Talk about giving a gift. The AFT Blog gives some much-deserved love to The Fritwire, which is an invaluable way to track what's going on on the Hill and in DC: Get Wired -- Fritzwired, That Is.

Bush_runsKennedy's descent into confusion over NCLB is described by The Hoff:  Kennedy Listens to NCLB's Liberal Critics. Speaking of changing views, did a certain Arkansas politico change his views on vouchers, asks Michele McNeil: Should Huckabee Be Wearing Flip Flops?.

Teachers tend to be absent on certain days, says EIA: Monday I'll Have Friday on My Mind.

Growth models and broader ways of measuring achievement are tricky, says TQATE: It's (Not) So Easy.  But SES has been good, according to Charlie B and RAND:  Supplemental Educational Services Get Straight A's.

Sometimes reporters really muck things up, says the ASBJ blog: It was the reporting, not school communications, that went wrong. Speaking of wrong, Eduwonkette has strong-armed several bloggers into telling everyone 7 Things You Didn't Want to Know.  Joanne Jacobs and I are the last holdouts.

Eduwonk notes that the creator of the Teacher Advancement Program has passed away: Lew Solmon.


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