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Week In Review (November 19-25)

1962sept7 Best Of The Week
How Performance Pay Caused The Mortgage Crisis

Upcoming Events
NCLB + UPK = A Mess, Or A Great Opportunity?
Will Education Save Obama?

Campaign 2008
Obama & Clinton Rip Into Education Issues
Staff Changes At "Ed In '08"
Candidates Debate Merit Pay

NAEP Nonsense
High Accommodation Rates Undercut NYC Results
Where's Margarita?

Media Watch
What Should Education Reporters Do?
"Porn-Named" USDE Staffer Heads North
More Movement On The Education Beat

Teachers & Teaching
"Save Our Failing Teachers"
"Don't Label What You Don't Understand"

Site News
Who's Who In Education

Who Reads This Blog?
Global Education, Without Too Much Technology

Pictured:  "Sweet Caroline," age ten or so.


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