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Obama Surges, But Not Because Of His Ed Plan

Obamaclass_2 Scott Elliott hashes over BHO's big plan (Obama's big plan is out).  But it's really Oprah that's doing all the good.  Michele at Campaign K12 says Mitt Romney Likes Testing. The AFTies have a face-off between Gifted Kids vs. Bubble Kids. The bubble kids would kick ass, right?  Kevin  Carey says the story's all wrong (Remedial Editing).  Journalists and editors, watch out.  Sherm loves him some Eduwonkette (NAEP Exemptions).  Or, is it just her tables that he loves?  Andywonk says that Performance Pay Is The New Vouchers!.  Joe at DFER details the Vigil To Protect New York City's Worst Teachers.  Sounds like a spinoff on "Save Our Failing Teachers" from last week.  Joanne Jacobs points out that 70 percent of college instructors are adjuncts (The lumpenprofessoriat). If higher ed can get rid of tenure it, why not K12?  The Wonks make appropriate fun of Sunday School For Atheists.


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