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Education Blogs. I Read Them -- So You Don't Have To.

Wonder_breadMichele at EdWeek sorts through the questions sent in to the Republican presidential candidates (The CNN/YouTube Republican Debate). Joetta Sack at ASBJ says Hate NCLB? Ron Paul's your man. BoardBuzz says that the PIRLS reading scores provide surprising results if you look past misleading and simplistic comparisons and statistical significance. Over in AFT-Land, they're making fun of the EdTrust's Russlyn Ali for hyping NCLB in her LA Times debate against Richard Rothstein (The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread).  Teacher Magazine points to new research suggesting better forms of PD (Let's Talk).  Mike Antonucci riffs on plans for a teacher-led school in Ohio (The Lines Are Drawn in Toledo).  Early Stories returns with a trio of new posts, including "Babysitting" in 'Bama?Joanne Jacobs writes about Texas' rejection of Everday Math textbooks (If math were a color). 


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Thanks for the link. We've been getting a steady stream of visitors from your "I read 'em so you don't have to" posts.

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